Get Your Custom E-mail Address

On this page, Temp Mail PW allows you to change or recover temporary email addresses by entering the desired email address and selecting the domain name.

How to create a custom temp mail id?

- Write your username in the below field.
- Select Domain from the drop-down menu.
- Click Change Email button.

How to recover the temp mail address?

To recover your deleted temporary mail, you have to remember your old temporary email then you can recover it.

- In Username, write your old Temp Mail username.
- Select your old temporary mail domain name from the drop-down menu.
- Click the "Change Email" button.

Wow, your temp mail recovered, Now you can use it again.

Why do you need to recover the temp mail address?

We all used temporary email addresses for some reason. They're useful for temporary sign-ups, accessing content, or simply avoiding a rush of marketing emails. But what happens when you need to recover that address?

Here's why it is important:

  • Access important information: Sometimes, important details get sent to these temporary addresses, like confirmation emails, important links, or even account recovery information. Recovering your temp mail ensures you don't miss out on valuable data.
  • Simplify account recovery: Maybe you've linked your temporary email to other accounts for verification. Recovering it can simplify the process of getting access to those accounts in case of a lockout.

That's it. These are some cases when you really need to recover your temporary email address, and gives you this feature.