Your privacy is specifically protected by an anonymous temporary email service. This service just recently became available for internet users. The answers to frequently asked questions will guide you in better understanding the service provided and in fully using our simple and secure solution right away.

What is temporary/disposable mail?

Tempmail is also known as temporary disposable e-mail. It is mostly used to secure the user's real email id from being exposed or spammed. It allows users to sign up for social media accounts, online services, newsletters, and other online promotions.

Why do you need a temporary mail address?

Temporary email addresses offer a lot of benefits, such as protecting your real email from spam, avoiding receiving promotional emails, maintaining anonymity when signing up for websites or online services, and protecting your inbox from getting filled with unwanted messages.

What is the difference between disposable mail and the regular email?

The primary difference between disposable mail and regular email is the validity and purpose of use. Disposable emails are temporary and serve a single-use or short-term purpose, while regular emails are typically permanent and used for ongoing communication. Disposable emails are commonly used for anonymity and to prevent spam, while regular emails are for personal or professional communication.

How to extend the lifetime of the temp email address?

The temporary email address remains valid until deleted or the service updates the domain list, and extended time is not required.

Can I Send Email?

The email sending feature is currently disabled due to fraud and spam issues. And we will not integrate it due to privacy risk.

How can I delete a temporary email address?

It is very simple, On the Home Page of Temp Mail PW press the "Delete'" button. It will be deleted permanently and cannot be restored.

Can I view the received emails?

Emails are displayed under your Temm Mail PW mailbox, displaying the name, subject, and text. If expected incoming mail doesn't appear, refresh the list by pressing the "Refresh" button. If you still haven't received incoming emails immediately contact us.

All frequently asked questions about temporary mailboxes have been answered. Use our Contact Us form if you have any questions that still need to be answered.