10 Best Free Email Validators: A Must Have for Effective Email Marketing

10 Best Free Email Validators: A Must Have for Effective Email Marketing
Published : 13 Jan 2024 | Written by: Zubair Saleem

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to contact potential customers. However, low email deliverability due to invalid or inaccurate email addresses can severely impact campaign results. Therefore, the best free email validator is a must-have tool for marketers to improve deliverability rates and ensure email marketing success.

So if you want to clean your email list, avoid bounces and spam traps, and boost open and click-through rates, keep reading!

What is an Email Validator?

An email validator, also known as an email verifier or email checker, is a software tool that verifies the validity and accuracy of email addresses. It checks for syntax errors, disposable/temporary emails, inactive email accounts, catch-all domains, and spam traps.

Email validators ping mail servers to confirm whether an email address exists and can receive emails. This cleansing process improves list hygiene and increases deliverability by removing inaccurate and invalid emails.

Why Do You Need an Email Validator?

Here are some key reasons why every email marketer needs an email verification service:

  • Improves deliverability: Validating eliminates bad emails that would have bounced and landed in spam folders. This protects your email IP reputation.
  • Higher open rates: With an accurate list, your emails reach more real people interested in your content.
  • Better analytics: You get reliable email marketing metrics without fake or inactive emails skewing your data.
  • List growth: By regularly cleaning your list, you can focus campaigns on engaged subscribers and reduce unsubscribes.
  • Maximizes ROI: Increased deliverability and open rates improve email marketing return on investment.
  • Avoids blacklists: Proactively removing invalid emails prevents you from being labeled as a spammer.
  • Saves costs: Reduced bounces decrease costs associated with server resources and maintenance.

So in short, the best free email validator allows you to message the right people and maximize results from email campaigns.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Email Validator

With so many email verification services available, how do you pick the right best free email validator?

Here are key factors to consider:

  • Accuracy: The best validators boast 95%+ accuracy in identifying invalid emails. Higher accuracy minimizes the chances of removing valid emails.
  • Validation Speed: Faster tools can validate 10,000+ emails within an hour. Quick validation lets you clean lists and send campaigns sooner.
  • Bulk Validation: The ability to upload full contact lists for verification saves time versus checking emails individually.
  • Spam Trap Detection: Quality validators identify and remove spam traps which can blacklist your domain if emailed.
  • Syntax Checks: Checks for typos like wrong domains to ensure your list has properly formatted email addresses.
  • API Access: APIs allow integrating email verification into your website and CRM to instantly validate new sign-ups.
  • Blacklist Monitoring: This tracks spam complaints and blacklist status so you can address issues proactively.
  • Email Notification: Email status notifications allow prompt re-engaging of invalid addresses with an updated sign-up call.
  • Support: Timely and helpful technical support is essential if you get stuck and have questions.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive user interface makes it easy to upload, validate, and analyze lists.
  • Affordability: Cost-effective plans provide value without breaking the bank. Many have free tiers.
  • Security: Your contacts' data should be encrypted and protected during validation.

By evaluating validators against these criteria, you can determine the best solution for your specific needs and email list size.

10 Best Free Email Validators to Try in 2024

After extensive research, we picked the top 10 best free email verification services available in 2024 based on accuracy, features, speed, and ease of use.

1. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is a popular and highly accurate email verification service. It Offers real-time API, fast validation speed, and integration with major email service providers.


  • Industry-leading 97.5%+ accuracy in identifying invalid email addresses
  • Real-time API enables seamless integration into websites and apps
  • Extremely fast validation speed can process up to 1 million emails in under 3 hours
  • Integrates smoothly with all major email service providers
  • Provides 24/7 live chat support for assistance whenever needed


  • The free plan only allows up to 250 email verifications per month
  • Credits expire after 12 months, requiring repurchase

Pricing and Packages

  • Free Plan: Up to 250 free verifications per month
  • Starter Plan: $10/month for 15,000 verifications
  • Professional Plan: $49/month for 115,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for high-volume needs

2. isValidEmail

It is a completely free tool for validating email syntax and domains. Good for low-volume basic checks but limited to 100 per hour.


  • 100% free to use with no limits on the number of email checks
  • Provides a simple API for developers to easily integrate email validation
  • Ideal for running basic syntax and domain validation checks


  • Accuracy is limited to basic validation checks only
  • Maximum checks limited to 100 per hour
  • No ability to run bulk verification on full contact lists


  • Free plan with unlimited basic email checks

3. Email Marker

Provides bulk email list uploading and identifies toxic emails. Delivers basic deliverability diagnostics beyond just valid/invalid status.


  • Allows bulk uploading of full contact lists for batch processing
  • Quickly identifies and flags potentially toxic email addresses
  • Provides basic inbox diagnostics to assess overall deliverability
  • The free plan includes 100 email address verifications per month


  • Limited to 100 free verifications monthly on the starter plan
  • Does not offer real-time API for integration into apps and websites
  • Overall accuracy and validation capabilities are basic


  • Free Plan: 100 verifications per month
  • Starter Plan: $14/month for 5,000 verifications
  • Professional Plan: $49/month for 150,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available

4. Kickbox

Features a real-time API for seamless integration and detailed validity data in responses. No bulk contact list processing.


  • Real-time API enables seamlessly integrating email verification across platforms
  • API responses include detailed data on email validity and risk factors
  • Accurately validates proper domain matching and syntax


  • Does not allow bulk uploading of full contact lists
  • The free plan is limited to only 100 verifications per month


  • Free Plan: 100 verifications per month
  • Starter Plan: $29/month for 5,000 verifications
  • Professional Plan: $99/month for 200,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available

5. VerifyEmail

Checks for disposable and catch-all domains with a free tier of 100 API requests per month. Slower validation speed.


  • Checks for unsafe disposable and catch-all email domains
  • High accuracy in validating real, active email domains
  • Allows bulk uploading via CSV for batch processing


  • The turnaround time to validate large lists is slower
  • Free plan limited to 100 API requests per month


  • Free Plan: 100 API requests per month
  • Starter Plan: $199/month for 50,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for high volumes

6. Email Verification Pro

It re-verifies uncertain emails and has handy browser extensions. Accuracy is weaker for unknown domains.


  • Handy browser extensions enable easy on-the-go email verification
  • Automatically re-checks uncertain and risky email addresses


  • Accuracy is weaker for validating unknown email domains
  • Very limited to only 20 free credits per month
  • Requires entering credit card just to sign for free plan


  • Free Plan: 20 credits per month
  • Starter Plan: $15/month for 2,500 credits
  • Professional Plan: $49/month for 25,000 credits
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available

7. Hunter.io

It integrates with Gmail for convenient email verification and lead checking. Lacks bulk and API capabilities.


  • Integrates directly with Gmail for easy email verification while in your inbox
  • Checks for inaccurate email syntax errors


  • No ability to bulk upload external contact lists
  • Lacks real-time API for integration into apps and sites
  • Limited to 50 free verifications each month


  • Free Plan: 50 verifications per month
  • Starter Plan: $29/month for 300 verifications
  • Team Plan: $99/month for 5,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available

8. EmailChecker

It has accurate spam trap detection with a simple interface. Limited accuracy for disposables and no list uploads.


  • Accurately detects and avoids dangerous spam traps
  • A simple and clean interface is easy to use


  • Limited accuracy in identifying disposable/temporary emails
  • Cannot upload your external contact lists


  • Free Plan: 100 verifications per month
  • Starter Plan: $10/month for 1,000 verifications
  • Business Plan: $49/month for 10,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available

9. VerifyBee

It validates role-based accounts and provides detailed verification reports. Very limited free checks.


  • Checks for shared role-based email accounts
  • Provides detailed verification reports and insights


  • Highly limited free plan offering only 10 verifications
  • Lacks bulk verification capabilities
  • No API is offered for integrations


  • Free Plan: 10 verifications
  • Starter Plan: $12/month for 1,000 verifications
  • Business Plan: $49/month for 10,000 verifications
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing is available

10. MailTester

Open source tool with unlimited checks but only basic validity data provided. No list processing.


  • 100% free to use with no limits on verifications
  • Checks basic syntax and confirms valid domains


  • Only provides a simple valid or invalid result
  • No detailed email analysis or reports
  • Cannot upload or process full contact lists


  • 100% free plan with unlimited email verifications

Tips for getting the most from your Email Validator

Follow these tips to maximize the value of your chosen best free email verification :

  • Scrub your list regularly, not just before sending campaigns. This keeps it clean at all times.
  • Set up API integration to seamlessly validate all new sign-ups in real time. Don't let bad emails slip through.
  • Use notifications to re-engage invalid addresses and get updated, valid emails.
  • Compare results across multiple validators to identify the most accurate service for your needs.
  • Start with small test batches before verifying your full list to evaluate accuracy.
  • Download both valid and invalid email reports so you know what requires re-verification.
  • Review validation reports to identify threats like spam traps proactively.
  • Use disposable email detection to keep your list focused on quality leads.
  • Leverage integrations and webhooks to automatically sync validated lists across sales and marketing systems.

Properly using your selected best free email validator will ensure you get the most value from the tool while building a clean, targeted email subscriber list.


Invalid email addresses can significantly drag down deliverability rates, open and click-through rates, and ultimately email ROI. That's why having a good email verification service is a must-have component of your email marketing stack.

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