Create Custom Temporary Email for Facebook Signup

Create Custom Temporary Email for Facebook Signup
Published : 22 Sep 2023 | Written by: Zubair Saleem

Today, online safety has become more important than ever. With the growth of social media platforms like Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter, it's not difficult to unknowingly disclose your information to the world.

One answer for this issue is to use a temporary email address, or "temp mail" while signing up for a social media account or email to download services.

In this article, we'll find out what temporary mail is, why it's essential, and how to use it while making a Facebook account or signing up on any website.

What is Temporary Mail? 

Temporary mail is a reference to a disposable email address that is created for a specific purpose and has a limited time use, like 10 minutes to 24 hours. It allows you to receive incoming emails and sign up for services without providing your email ID.

This helps protect your privacy and prevents your inbox from being filled with spam or promotional advertising emails. Temporary mail addresses are typically destroyed after a specific period of time, as I told you above, to ensure that any information associated with them is no longer available.

Why Should I Use Temporary Mail for Facebook?

Using temporary mail for Facebook can be beneficial for many reasons. Mainly, it adds an extra layer of security to your primary mailbox by keeping your real email ID separate from your Facebook account. This helps to minimize the risk of potential misuse or unauthorized access to your email.

Additionally, using temporary mail for Facebook can also help you avoid receiving unused notifications or marketing emails from the platform, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free mailbox and focus on the messages that are important to you.

How to Create Temporary Mail for Facebook Sign-Up?

Creating a temporary mail for Facebook is an easy and fast process. You can use different online websites that provide temporary email addresses, such as Temp Mail PW or Guerrilla Mail.

These websites allow you to generate a disposable email address that you can use especially for your Facebook account.

Here I want to give you a tip don't use system-generated email because Facebook detects it and disables your account, That's why the best practice is to create a custom temp email on your name because it will look authentic.

Once you have created the custom temporary email, you can use it to sign up or log in to your Facebook account without providing your primary email ID.

To create a Facebook account using custom temporary mail, follow the below guide:

created free business emails

  • Open in your browser.
  • Click on the "Custom Email" button and scroll down.

create custom temporary email

  • In this form write your username or any as you like. After that select the domain from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click on the "Change Email" button.

temp mail pw website

Perfect! Your custom email ID is ready to use and receive incoming emails for the next 24 hours.

Advantages of Temporary Mail for Facebook

The advantages of using temporary mail on Facebook include increased privacy and safety. By using a disposable email address, you can protect your primary email from being exposed to possible spam.

Additionally, if you no longer wish to use your Facebook account, you can simply delete the temporary email address without any impact on your personal or business inbox.


Can I create multiple Facebook accounts with a temporary email?

No, you can't. Using temporary email addresses to create multiple accounts on Facebook may be against their terms of service, and could result in the suspension or deletion of the accounts.

So I suggest you create one custom temporary email and sign up for one Facebook account.

Is it legal to create a Facebook account with a temporary email?

Yes, it is legal to create a Facebook account with a temporary email. However, it is important to understand that using temporary email addresses may go against Facebook's terms of service, and they have the right to suspend or delete accounts created in this manner.

It is always recommended to use a valid and custom email address when creating a Facebook account.

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