How to Screenshot on Mac and Crop: 2 Simple Ways to Do It and Apps

How to Screenshot on Mac and Crop: 2 Simple Ways to Do It and Apps
Published : 15 Dec 2023 | Written by: Zubair Saleem

Hi there, a fellow fan of Mac computers! You are going to go on an exciting adventure where you will learn how to screenshot on Mac and crop them using easy methods. Developing these abilities will take your Mac experience to a whole new level of creativity and productivity, regardless of your level of tech experience.

Capturing screenshots has become an everyday usage. We take an image, a chat, a snapshot, and even a relevant Instagram post. It is mandatory to crop the screenshot and remove any unwanted visual elements.

Follow the steps in the article below to learn the Mac screenshot shortcut and how to screenshot and crop on a Mac. So, let us get started!

How to crop a screenshot on a Mac in the fastest way

Cropping is your solution to making those screenshots look better. Here's how it's done:

Step 1: Launch the markup toolbar in Preview.

Select the desired screenshot by opening it in Preview and selecting Show Markup Toolbar from the upper panel. Click the blue dots to resize the image.

mac screenshot shortcut 1

Step 2: Cropping process.

Furthermore, drag on the screenshot to make the cropping selection. Then, from the context menu that displays, head to Tools and select the crop option. The screenshot has been successfully cropped.

mac screenshot shortcut 2

Useful methods or tools for cropping a screenshot on Mac with customized features:

Cropping Mac screenshots is a simple operation. Software with advanced functionality is seen as effective. Before we go into how to crop a screenshot on a Mac, let's look at 6 essential Mac apps for cropping screenshots. This section also considers its advantages and disadvantages. Let's get started!

1. IMG2Go

img2go photo editor

Img2Go can be trusted to crop screenshot on mac.

Key features highlighted:

  • Online editing is quite simple.

  • Watermarks can also be added to the screenshot.

  • Text may be easily added to photos.

  • Effects and filters can be seamlessly integrated.

  • It has very capable import and export features.


  • The screenshot can be resized and cropped.

  • Images can be simply converted into other file formats that are already in use.

  • Editing does not affect the quality.


  • While editing, the aspect ratio cannot be controlled.

  • In its online form, the tool is rather unstable.

2. Lightshot

lightshot for mac

The quickest way to capture a customizable screenshot on a Mac.

Key features highlighted:

  • Take a quick screenshot of the selected part.

  • Application that is simple to use.

  • Add text to the screenshot.

  • Share screenshots online.

  • Powerful editing options.

  • Add different elements to the screenshot.


  • Lightshot offers a user-friendly interface, making it simple to capture and annotate screenshots on a Mac.
  • It provides basic annotation tools like arrows, text, and shapes, allowing users to enhance and add context to their screenshots.
  • Easy sharing of screenshots through various platforms and direct links, facilitating quick communication.


  • While Lightshot offers basic annotation tools, it lacks more advanced editing features available in some other screenshot tools.
  • As with any online tool, there might be concerns about the privacy and security of data when sharing screenshots online.

3. Grab (Now MacOS Mojave)

grab macos mojave

With the Grab tool, cropping screenshots on Mac has become an easy thing. The tool is built into Macs and handles the screenshot cropping issue expertly.

Key features highlighted:

  • You can even choose whether or not to include the pointer in the screenshot.

  • The tool provides its users with four capture options: selection, window, selected screen, and timed.

  • This application can also be used to create GIF screenshots.

  • Grab can save the screenshots in a variety of formats, including PNG, JPG, PDF, GIF, and TIFF. It has an easy-to-use UI.


  • The app is built-in and does not require any prior technical knowledge.

  • The program provides shortcut keys to expedite the procedure.

  • It also has a timed function for taking screenshots quickly.


  • Grab's screenshot is limited to the system resolution.

  • The app is no longer available and has been replaced by an application called macOS Mojave.

4. Skitch (Application)

skitch for mac

Skitch is another useful tool for cropping Mac screenshots.

Key features highlighted:

  • Timed screenshots can be taken to reveal a specific screen.

  • You can draw shapes on the screenshot to make your message more apparent.

  • It supports the addition of text and arrows.

  • It allows for simple and intuitive screen capture.

  • It helps to draw attention to the screenshots.


  • Annotations and doodles are accessible in a few simple steps.

  • It is an easy-to-use utility.

  • Because it is an offline tool, it is simple to use.


  • The exporting feature is not user-friendly.

  • It does not have advanced editing capabilities.

5. Photos App (Application)

mac photo app

The Photos App application is also compatible with the Mac operating system.

Key features highlighted:

  • The user can resize and crop the snapshot as he sees fit.

  • The platform provides a variety of effects that may be applied to the image.

  • The built-in editing tools provide a well-organized structure.

  • Even a newbie may complete the process with ease because of the user-friendly UI.

  • The Photos App allows for faster image processing.


  • The part to be altered can be selected in various ways, including rectangle selection, elliptical selection, and smart lasso selection.

  • On the screenshot, you can draw, sketch, and add shapes.

  • The user has the option of highlighting a specific area in a screenshot.


  • The imagery can only be shared within the Apple ecosystem.

  • It cannot undo editing steps.

6. Vidmore Screen Recorder (Application)

vidmore screen recorder

Vidmore Screen Recorder is an offline solution that is changing the way image editors do business.

Key features highlighted:

  • The user can choose whether to screenshot the entire screen or just a window.

  • Users are given the option to add text to screenshots easily.

  • Add arrows to the screenshot image to easily clarify a message.

  • It also allows you to insert shapes.

  • With a user-friendly layout, tasks may be completed quickly.


  • The user can customize the screenshot using the real-time drawing tools.

  • Protects your extra contents from theft.

  • The Vidmore screen recorder is capable of recording a variety of activities.


  • It does not provide any Android or iOS applications for use.

  • This platform does not provide a free trial.


On a Mac, how can I copy and paste a screenshot?

On a Mac, you can copy and paste a screenshot by highlighting the content. Press 'Command+C' to copy and 'Command+V' to paste the copied material where you want it. Surprisingly, there are different ways to complete a comparable task. By pressing "CONTROL+Right-Click" and selecting "Copy" on the content to be copied, you can access the contextual menu. The option "Paste" can be found in the same menu.

On a Mac, how can you take a lasso screenshot?

You can capture a screenshot of a lasso by pressing "Command+Shift+4" on your keyboard. A symbol appears over the screen. You can successfully snap a screenshot by dragging and dropping the icon.

Where can I find my screenshot images on Mac computers?

The screen captured from the Mac is stored on the desktop under a specific name. It begins with the words "Screenshot [date] at [time].png." The default location of the screenshot, however, can be modified in macOS Mojave or later. In the screenshot app, look for the "Options" menu. Alternatively, you can drag the thumbnail across any folder.

On a Mac, how do you snap a long screenshot?

On Mac, a lengthy screenshot can be captured for Firefox, allowing the user to select the "Full Screen" option. Furthermore, the Parallels Toolbox in Safari displays a "Screenshot Page" that captures the long screen. Chrome allows you to save the entire page as a PDF.


The article highlighted the essential features, benefits, and drawbacks of Mac's five handy tools for cropping screenshots. Preview for Mac is thought to be the fastest way to crop a screenshot. The article also discussed its usability. Users are advised to utilize UniConverter to address concerns about screenshots and advanced image editing tools.

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